Ever since its inception in 2008, K.C.P.S.H. has been striving hard to impart holistic education, an education, an education that has been the dream of parents, we don’t believe in stuffing young minds with knowledge, instead our Endeavour is to kindle the flame of creativity and inquisitiveness, for true education does not end with dissemination of bookish information. It begins with an irrespressible curiousity to know the unknown, to think the unthinkable and to turn the impossible of yesterdays into possible of today. The world is evolving at a very high rate and so are the children.

The future lies in their hands and to make these hands strong enough to bear the responsibility of tomorrow. The management, the administration and the faculty of the school never tires of trying new ideas last than the best satisfies us. From the meager students. Strength of 100 and staff strength very few, we are growing sturdily and strongly with every step in our journey towards heights. In a short span of time the school has created a 2 – storyed spread over about 10 acers of land in idyllic surroundings.

We are affiliated with CBSE Board New Delhi vide code no:1630881

Education for life and commitment to meaningful education are of Prime importance. Play way method adopted activity based learning during initial years creates tone for education.