Gurinderjeet Kamboj (Principal)

This is a time of great changes. In education too we see fast changes. The student today is an individual, is a real person with self respect, responsibilities and compassion. We need to recognize, appreciate, applaud and faster the fine blend of Sensibilities in a child and thus school magazine is to be viewed as a launch pad for the children’s creative urges to blossom naturally. As saying goes “Mind like parachute works best when opened”. This humble initiative is to set the budding mind free allowing them to roam free in the realm of imagination and experience to create world of beauty in words. This magazine espouses the school spirit which is build up with in the school through collective actions, thoughts and aspirations. It also highlights events, activities and academic progress and achievement.The academic excellence, extra curricular activities , the present new labs and extra facilities are the visible sign of the successive Growth of the school.

Our goal in the filed of education has always been to teach the students how to live and discover the deeper meaning of life, to love creation, think freely and critically and find fulfillment of work and plan their future. It is in and through education only we an hope for a more human and harmonious society. As we rejoice over what we are achieving let us also strive hard to gain much more. May our little ones continue climbing the ladder or success and creating new benchmark. While thinking God for his blessings on our school, I joyfully thank the Management and faculty who have been working tirelessly for school. I thank and congratulate all of them during the occasion of the next publication of Fight. In this issue we are going to review all the activities which were the part of previous year. The all year found plan of various events were designed in such a way that each minute spent in the school achieved its target of enhancing children’s abilities.

So dear parents let’s encourage a close partnership between us at school and you at home in process of enhancing children’s abilities and confidence.

May God continue to shower his blessing one each on you and on our school.

Gurinderjeet Kamboj