The Library is well organized and maintained with books for all age groups. The collection consist of course books. Reference book, story and formals. There is a T.V. and D.V.D. where in we screen news. At times information videos are also shown to children. There is regular updating of useful journals & newspaper for all aptitudes.

Science Lab

Our science lab is well equipped for children to nature their inquisitiveness and enhance their scientific quests. Students are well equipped for practical work, activity based learning and also for the project work for all students.

Music and Dance

Performing arts and given a special place at K.C.P.S. Every students finds expression to his or her rhythm and there after, hones these talent. The school offers training in Harmonium and Tabla by well trained and dedicated faculty.

Art and Craft

For the all round development of student this centre enhances, the progress of a child by developing self confidence working on the basis of their own experience extending the understanding discovering and satisfying their curiosity. Different forms of activities like Drawing and Painting, Collage Making, Handicraft, Rangoli designs and Origami are taught to the young learners.

Computer Lab

Our Computer lab is well equipped with latest computer and connected with high speed Broadband connection for internet surging under teacher Surveillance guidance. Guidance. The school boasts of sophisticated computer lab. For primary and senior segments to expose the children to rudiments of computer environment at a young age.